The Popularity of Japanese Whisky



So many people around the globe love whisky. Japanese whisky is in fact one of the popular type that you often find today. In fact, one Japanese whisky manufacturer actually has been added in the whisky bible. There are likewise different selections of bottles to which you could find that comes from major brands which are mostly exported to other countries like the United States. This actually has been the reason on the exposure of Japanese whisky. To get more details about your preferred brand, you might want to first look at review of whisky from Japan before buying one.

There are actually so many popular distilleries to which you could find in Japan today that are now operating. Most of the manufacturers are aging their whisky to be placed in different barrels made from various woods and sizes and are also blended well so they could create balanced single-malts. Most of the Japanese manufacturer for whisky is into the use of the Mizunara oak for aging their whisky because it helps to add a subtle smoky flavor and also gives hints of tropical fruit and coconut.

You could actually find some single-mats in the US, but it can often be hard to find due to its high demand. Due to this, other manufacturers in fact have opened another distillery in the US. There are some single-malts which come with vanilla, green apple and jasmine soft to which comes in dry finish.

The story behind Japanese whisky in fact started at the distillery of Suntory Yamazaki and just doesn’t end there. After the process where they have obtained the ten year contract, Taketsuru left the distillery in order for them to start off with his dream in starting his very own distillery which will be placed at Hokkaido, an island located in the far north which comes with a rough climate. The Yoichi distillery then was built in 1934 that now is considered to be a major player in the Japanese whisky industry. This could encourage you to quickly check out this whiskey.

This in fact made some of the distillers to challenge the well-known Yoichi distillery. There are even others which release their first single-malt back in the year 2012. Their whisky’s were aged in the old bourbon barrels and also aged in a Mizunara Japanese oak cask. Other manufacturers of whisky in fact operate with the White Oak whisky distillery.

Because a lot of Japanese whiskies now are present in the U.S. market today, there are still so many people who wish to explore such market. If you are one of them, it is essential that you consider buying and also trying different Japanese whiskies first so you will be able to under more about each brand. Speaking of popularity, there are other drinks well known in Japan as you could see from .


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